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#178 Speed optimizations when changing local roles assigned fguillaume enhancement P2 unspecified
#369 Need additional permissions treated by security synthesis new fguillaume enhancement P3 unspecified
#372 Centralizing errors new fguillaume enhancement P2 unspecified
#499 Password reminding/resetting by email address assigned madarche enhancement P2 CPS 3.5.7
#519 Refactoring: uniform framework to create default member content new trac enhancement P3 unspecified
#587 Resolve conflicts with Plone installation new trac defect P2 unspecified
#1304 Delay costly operations (rebuilds) at setup time new gracinet defect P2 CPS 3.6.1
#1515 portal_setup: reset toolset and I/O step registries new fguillaume defect P1 CPS 3.6.1
#1554 manage_CPSpasteObjects and friends do not send the right Z3 events new fguillaume defect P1 CPS 3.6.1
#1650 ZMI copy/paste or zexp-import of CPS instances broken new fguillaume defect P2 CPS 3.6.1
#1770 Some dotted containers break TreeCache contents new fguillaume defect P2 CPS 3.4.10
#2454 HEAD special treatment fails for the portal himself new gracinet defect P2 CPS 3.5.6
#2473 Unicode problems in actions and icons import/export new gracinet defect P2 CPS 3.6.1
#2492 Get rid of ugly __getitem__ traversals new gracinet enhancement P2 CPS 3.6.1
#2537 Reduce boiler plate generic setup code new gracinet task P2 CPS 3.6.1
#2547 Field property in TreeCache and use in getFolderInfo assigned cgoutte enhancement P2 CPS 3.6.1
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