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#2052 Disappearing portlet lookup cache new jmorliaguet defect P1
#2114 Respect HTTP standards for stylesheets and the like HTTP cache new madarche defect P1
#679 add an option to disable the cache for individual portlets cache new jmorliaguet enhancement P2
#1703 Portlet cache parameters GS initialisation portlet cache parameters event new gracinet defect P2
#1770 Some dotted containers break TreeCache contents tree treecache new fguillaume defect P2
#2072 Not enough invalidation of portlet lookup cache lookup ram cache new jmorliaguet defect P2
#2431 housekeeping task for image resizing cache image resizing cache new gracinet defect P2
#2483 Make RAM Caches ZEO aware cache ram ZEO new gracinet defect P2
#938 Browser: Provide an option to disable image and links caching testrunner benchrunner cache new bdelbosc enhancement P3
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