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#772 Find a flexible solution for making workflow comments mandatory or not mandatory optional workflow comments usability ui assigned gracinet enhancement P1
#1556 confirmation message located at the bottom of the page when you reject publication psm usability new trac defect P1
#2068 Don't display actions if there's only one usability new madarche enhancement P1
#1217 Add a preview mode to the document edit form usability new fguillaume enhancement P2
#1906 Provide a way to see a diff of different revisions usability new madarche enhancement P2
#2117 Search for pseudo groups in Manage Local Roles usability local roles new trac defect P2
#2509 Refresh portlet edit form to update widget visibility portlet edit form usability assigned cgoutte defect P2
#1321 table view sorting should be dynamic cps4dsg usability new trac enhancement P3
#1498 Status of sections usability cps4dsg new fguillaume defect P3
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