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#1630 KeyError 'Value' in autocompletion widget new tziade defect P1
#255 File Widget should get and keep images extrated by PortalTranforms, not only the document itself widgets new fguillaume enhancement P2
#377 CPSAttachedFileWidget: file preview hangs and useless 'printable version' widgets new madarche defect P2
#422 Redisplay after edit does not reflect the real datamodel widgets new fguillaume defect P2
#448 Incorrect file too big message if max size less than 1MB widget file new tziade defect P2
#475 Date formats are not localized widgets new fguillaume defect P2
#955 Vocabulary translations by widgets is weak i18n vocabulary widget new fguillaume defect P2
#1623 Flexible fields with ACLs Flexible widget field acl new fguillaume enhancement P2
#1682 Refactor Folder Contents Widget folder contents widget new gracinet defect P2
#2062 EventDoc is broken Event document type text widget new gracinet defect P2
#2162 DateTimeRange Widget datetime range widget new madarche enhancement P2
#2385 Improve performance of widget visibility control datastructure widget optimization new gracinet defect P2
#2396 Improve transparency of Indirect Widget indirect widget properties new gracinet enhancement P2
#2409 Upgrade to 3.5.2 and multiple flexible image widgets upgrade image widget display_size new gracinet defect P2
#2447 Error in parameters page for widgets with no user editable properties user editable properties widget new gracinet defect P2
#2485 Main Content Portlet for backwards compatibility Main content portlet widget cpsskins new gracinet task P2
#1606 Rethink data path from HTTP request to query filter widgets assigned gracinet enhancement P3
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