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#772 Find a flexible solution for making workflow comments mandatory or not mandatory optional workflow comments usability ui assigned gracinet enhancement P1
#958 Simple forum posters cannot post messages forum workflow new trac defect P1
#74 submit page is not user friendly when having lot of sections workflow new bdelbosc enhancement P2
#228 Deletion of a document should be done by workflow workflow new fguillaume defect P2
#229 Deleting a draft must unlock the locked version workflow new fguillaume defect P2
#316 Wrong feedback when submitting a doc without selecting a section workflow new bdelbosc defect P2
#443 the 'edit' action on published documents create newer revisions only in sections workflow assigned bdelbosc enhancement P2
#494 Copy-paste of a document should be done by workflow workflow new trac defect P2
#1875 Allow workflow comments for creation comment creation workflow new madarche enhancement P2
#1964 Pending documents content portlets in folderish cases pending folderish workflow new jmorliaguet defect P2
#861 Workflow tool should check if content type is allowed in container before pasting workflow paste allowed types new trac defect P3
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