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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#862 CPS / PAS integration. assigned enhancement P1 unspecified CPSDirectory
#1467 possiblility to choose displayed layer from map document new enhancement P1 CPSGeo
#1592 Problème avec IE SP2 lors de la sélection d'une zone sur une carte. new defect P1 unspecified CPSGeo
#1621 Workflow import should be more incremental new enhancement P1 CPS 3.5.7 CPSWorkflow
#1723 Range support for integer queries new defect P1 CPS 3.5.7 Lucene
#68 displaying all local roles for a user new enhancement P2 CPS 3.5.7 CPSDefault
#212 use a reviewing process to register users new enhancement P2 CPS 3.5.7 CPSDefault
#354 Add more information into the generated emails (role or self subscription) assigned defect P2 CPS 3.5.7 CPSSubscriptions
#425 the mime type in outgoing messages rendered from proxies is hardcoded to text/html. new enhancement P2 unspecified CPSSubscriptions
#506 protect stack elements new enhancement P2 CPS 3.5.7 CPSWorkflow
#1680 Store cleaning can be erratic new defect P2 CPS 3.5.7 Lucene
#1797 String 'None" appears in result sets new defect P2 unspecified Lucene
#2121 RSS results can have control characters new defect P2 unspecified Lucene
#407 User Subscriptions new defect P3 CPS 3.5.7 CPSSubscriptions
#409 Enhance anonymous support new enhancement P3 unspecified CPSSubscriptions
#516 protect stacks new defect P3 CPS 3.5.7 CPSWorkflow
#1548 Initailize stack during creation transition new defect P3 unspecified CPSWorkflow
#1727 runnxlucene script fails new defect P3 Lucene
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