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#2052 Disappearing portlet new jmorliaguet defect P1 CPS 3.4.10
#661 Contextual local roles management new trac enhancement P2 CPS 3.5.7
#1090 Field parsing reopened tziade defect P2 CPS 3.5.7
#1906 Provide a way to see a diff of different revisions new madarche enhancement P2 CPS 3.5.7
#2108 Wrong permission for collected data management new trac defect P2 CPS 3.4.10
#2116 One entry per user should go new trac defect P2 CPS 3.4.10
#2122 Apparent data loss upon republication new trac defect P2 CPS 3.4.10
#2319 Ajax edit and TinyMCE don't work together new gracinet defect P2 CPS 3.5.7
#2197 Stop hardcoding utf-8 in templates new gracinet defect P3 CPS 3.6.1
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