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#670 session / transcience exception new jmorliaguet defect P1 unspecified
#1489 Missing action icons in side products new tsoulcie defect P1 CPS 3.5.7
#1512 Notifications : label_newsletter_sendmail not translated whereas there's no newsletter in list of available document types new trac defect P1 CPS 3.5.7
#1581 incorrect SWTRegistry initialization in SWTBuilder new bstefanescu defect P1
#1582 Only one input for password. new gracinet defect P1
#67 Notifying reject or accept transition new bdelbosc enhancement P2 unspecified
#74 submit page is not user friendly when having lot of sections new bdelbosc enhancement P2 unspecified
#316 Wrong feedback when submitting a doc without selecting a section new bdelbosc defect P2 CPS 3.5.7
#350 Cannot create "start" and "end" files in folders, because uses those methods or attributes for listing folder contents new bdelbosc defect P2 CPS 3.5.7
#709 rest-specific css new tziade enhancement P2 CPS 3.5.7
#1011 Refactor "what to create after first login" new trac enhancement P2 CPS 3.5.7
#1233 move to scriptaculous new tziade enhancement P2 CPS 3.5.7
#1257 add the iframe technology in ajax form uploads new fguillaume enhancement P2 CPS 3.5.7
#1324 Frequent conflicts editing portlets new jmorliaguet defect P2 CPS 3.5.7
#1351 Redirection after FAQ element creation new rspivak defect P2 CPS 3.5.7
#840 remove deprecated '_usage' catalog queries. new gracinet enhancement P3 CPS 3.5.7
#942 TestRunner: Add an option to run tests in parallel new bdelbosc enhancement P3 unspecified
#1350 Drag 'n Drop in workspaces new tziade defect P3 CPS 3.5.7
#1507 Using Messages instead of strings for labels. new trac enhancement P3 CPS 3.5.7
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