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#2555 Can only create CPSDocuments with cpsdocument_create_form gracinet defect P1 CPSDefault unspecified
#2494 Conversion from UTF8 (LDAP) too permissive, leading to UnicodeError downstream gracinet defect P2 CPSSchemas 3.5.2
#2519 Rewrite runalltests cgoutte task P2 CPS (global) 3.5.2
#2523 Support unicode in CSV export column titles cgoutte defect P2 CPSDirectory 3.5.2
#2544 Make tests work in verbose-security context gracinet defect P2 CPSCore unspecified
#2560 Send mail to submitter gracinet feature P2 CPSUserForms unspecified
#2564 Release confused if named branch starts right at a tag gracinet defect P2 hgutils unspecified
#2568 Filtering by groups in manual notification users search gracinet defect P2 CPSSubscriptions unspecified
#2572 Errors when Cc-ing several addresses in mail gracinet defect P2 CPSUtil unspecified
#2577 TraversalError Expression: <PathExpr standard:u'daction/name'> gracinet defect P2 CPSBlog unspecified
#2579 reStructuredText tables miss cell styling gracinet defect P2 CPSSchemas unspecified
#2582 Unicode errors in threads list gracinet defect P2 CPSForum unspecified
#2583 Impossible to select pseudo groups Anonymous and Authenticated when Unauthorized on droups directory gracinet defect P2 CPSDefault TRUNK
#2584 Broken detailed recipients page in case there are "others" gracinet defect P2 CPSSubscriptions unspecified
#2590 Batching capability for Content Portlets gracinet enhancement P2 CPSPortlets unspecified
#2567 CSS unprefixed syntax declarations should be at the end madarche defect P3 CPS (global) unspecified
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