{10} CPS Tuning/Optimization task list (4 matches)

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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Severity Owner Status Created Keywords
#1553 ConflictError in CPSPortlet on doc creation CPSPortlets 3.4.0 CPS 3.5.7 defect normal jmorliaguet assigned 03/15/06 ConflictError tuning
#1652 Widgets should not update the datamodel if the value is not changed by the user CPSSchemas 3.4.0 CPS 3.5.7 enhancement normal fguillaume new 05/18/06 optimization
#2385 Improve performance of widget visibility control CPSSchemas 3.5.2 CPS 3.5.7 defect normal gracinet new 04/12/11 datastructure widget optimization
#1823 Can't tweak CPSSkins ImageBox and CPSPortlets Image Portlet caching headers CPSSkins TRUNK CPS 3.4.10 enhancement normal jmorliaguet new 03/20/07 optimization
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