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custom information to reports

Reported by: antont _a_ kyperjokki.fi Owned by: bdelbosc
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based on what i could find in the docs, there is currently no way to add custom information to the test results / bench reports.

i have added some performance info to the web pages that am testing, clocking the processing on the server side, and would like to have that info included in the funkload test reports. this is how i hacked it in now as a first test to the test_Simple provided:

    self.get(server_url + page, description='Get %s' % page)
    result = self.getBody()
    idxtotbeg = result.rfind(TOTTIMEMARKER)
    idxtotbeg += tottimemarkerlen
    idxtotend = result.find(';', idxtotbeg)
    tot = float(result[idxtotbeg:idxtotend])
    self.logi("Total time on server: %f" % tot)
    print "Total time on server: %f" % tot

so now i do get the info printed to console while running the test, and to the log, but not to the the results from which the reports are made. would be interesting to get to compare serverprocessing vs. total duratian (i.e. transfer included, and test execution overhead) times there. oh and perhaps some nice helper for getting such info would be a good addition to the lib, too?

am sorry if such a feature requested is considered out of place in this tracker, hopefully not :) also if there are implementation ideas for how that could be made i could give it a shot myself too. and thanks for the nice tool!

Toni Alatalo

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