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Provide a utility to clean up files created in aborted transactions

Reported by: gracinet Owned by: gracinet
Priority: P2 Milestone: CPS 3.4.10
Component: CPSTramline Version: TRUNK
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Here are the consequences of #1923 for CPSTramline.

Since the after commit hook doesn't get called for aborted transactions, in case a TramlineFile has been cloned in an aborted transaction, the created file system link will stay in the repository, whereas it should have been removed. Upon further deletion of the holding document and repository purge, there'll be at least a remainding link for the inode, so disk space won't be freed. The more conflicts the application wlll untergo, the more of the problem this will be. This is minor compared to the transactional problems that plague DiskFile, though.

Within CPS, cloning occurs during copy-pasting and version rise after revision freeze.

A proper solution would be to costly to implement for the near future, but a simple housekeeping script would do the job. For performance reasons, this script may very well have to be based on a log of recent cloning operations. and take absolutely no risk of data loss.

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Not done yet at all. Would be obsoleted by the 2-phase commit stuff

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