Ticket #199 (new enhancement)

Opened 16 years ago

Record in the workflow which fields were edited

Reported by: fguillaume Owned by: fguillaume
Priority: P3 Milestone: unspecified
Component: CPSSchemas Version: unspecified
Severity: normal Keywords: fields


Record in the workflow which fields were edited.

It would be interesting to provide a way to record in the workflow, when an 'edit' transition occurred, the list of fields that were edited.

To do that, the DataModel? could quite easily record which fields were changed, by comparing the new value to the old value. Actually there could be an internal flag for each field of the datamodel with 3 values:

  • 0: not changed
  • 1: changed to a different value
  • 2: changed to default value (initialization)

Then FlexibleTypeInformation?.editObject() could pass that info (the list of fields with flag == 1) to the edit transition (which is not called currently) so that in can be stored in the workflow status.

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