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Opened 9 years ago

Need user doc for good practices wrt URIs

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Component: Community Version: 3.5.1
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The URLs of CPS documents are natively arborescent and human readable, that's a really good thing.

However, for people with no prior knowledge of web mastering, it is hard to understand when to use absolute or local URIs. Pointing to a generic user-level documentation is not enough, because that has to be mixed with some CPS specificities (which are mostly obvious for developpers, but not for users).

  • use of local URIs and publication patterns ;
  • local vs absolute URIs accross multiple virtual hosts ;
  • action of TinyMCE on user-entered URIs.

We should orient that piece of documentation towards use patterns and present at least parts of it as recommendations.

Real life common example : publication farm with multiple virtual hosts and a single back-end with authentication under a different (private) host.

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