Ticket #2366 (new defect)

Opened 8 years ago

Lift requirement of cps:portlet="frame"

Reported by: gracinet Owned by: gracinet
Priority: P2 Milestone: CPS 3.5.7
Component: CPS (global) Version: 3.5.2
Severity: normal Keywords:


In the current CPSDesignerThemes markup structure, it is required to have an element bearing cps:portlet="frame" as attribute, between the one that makes the slot call and the one that calls body and / or title.

This is meant for maximal flexibility : so that the slot itself can have decoration, and the frame is the portlets outer decoration, and tightening of body and title, to be repeated.

In pratice, such level of flexibility is seldome used, and planned by the designer. This leads to routinely insert :

```<div cps:portlet="frame" cps:remove="true">```

to avoid getting an extra <div> that can break the prepared styling. This frame thing therefore becomes pure pollution for the theme in most of the cases.

It would be better not to require it, and perform a simple repetition of the portlet body in case it's missing.

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