Ticket #909 (new enhancement)

Opened 14 years ago

move ATOM API to CPSDocument

Reported by: jmorliaguet Owned by: fguillaume
Priority: P2 Milestone: unspecified
Component: CPSDocument Version: TRUNK
Severity: normal Keywords: ATOM push


we have a use case where using a "push" method to publish news items from several sites into a central site is more appropriate than using a "pull" method (RSS, ...)

typically 20 institutions are going to publish their news on their local site and all the news will be also shown on a central site (central news site).

the CPSBlog's ping mechanism could be used for that.

are there plans to move the CPSBlog ATOM API into CPSDocument so that it could be used with other types of documents (news, events, ...) ?

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