14:25 Ticket #1767 (Cache invalidations: events path filtering should accept lack of leading ...) created by gracinet
Use-case: In Content Portlet, events are filtered according to the …
12:02 Ticket #1766 (Make default layout able to render an i18n title defined as property on ...) created by ogrisel
On big forms, it is really useful to be able to group widgets into labeled …


18:23 Ticket #1765 (Missing portal status messages on entry modif/create etc.) created by gracinet
They are requested in url args, but don't get displayed anymore
16:45 Ticket #1764 ([Paper] psm for successful email ack should include email address the ack ...) created by gracinet
All said
16:41 Ticket #1763 ([Paper] Email acks should not have links) created by gracinet
They currently bear links to sender and recipient directory entries. This …
12:57 Ticket #1762 (Provide a high level utility for sending email) created by gracinet
The standard library simply provides basic bricks to construct mail …


14:44 Ticket #1761 (AJAX edit: wrong behaviour with <select> and empty values) closed by gracinet
fixed: Use [49733]


19:05 Ticket #1761 (AJAX edit: wrong behaviour with <select> and empty values) created by gracinet
The following option is posted as 'Tous': […] The vocabulary driving …
17:32 Ticket #1760 (PortalTransforms: faster scrubHTML) created by ybastide
Hi, PortalTransforms.libtransforms.utils.scrubHTML is a function for …
12:34 Ticket #1697 ("CPSTreeViewEditor is unknown" error in Internet Explorer) closed by scamps
fixed: Tarek Ziadé says me in an e-mail that it was fixed. I've checked it with …


11:40 Ticket #1283 (Browser: No proxy support) closed by bdelbosc
fixed: fixed by [49592]


18:22 Ticket #1704 (RoleRecipientsRules don't work for role pseudo groups) closed by ogrisel
fixed: already fixed earlier and enhanced by [49505]
16:04 Ticket #1759 (cpsdocument_edit_form causes javascript errors on IE) created by madarche
When using the cpsdocument_edit_form from firefox jsonrpc is used, a …
03:16 Ticket #1758 (CPSDocument.FlexibleTypeInformation.flexibleDelWidgets don't recognize ...) created by tracguest
Hi, CPS Compound Widget's meta_type is 'Compound Widget', not 'CPS …


22:53 Ticket #1757 (FCKEditor doesn't update comment) created by gracinet
The FCKEditor popup doesn't update the text comments. Although it can …
10:09 Ticket #1733 (Spanish translation update) closed by madarche
fixed: Fixed by changeset [49421].


17:37 Ticket #1380 (open links in popups?) closed by madarche
fixed: Fixed in changesets [49411], [49412], [49413] by providing the …
17:28 Ticket #1518 (Add new ''title'' and ''alt'' fields in the schemas.) closed by madarche
fixed: Fixed in [49410] by adding a title field in the File Widget, Image Widget …


19:31 Ticket #1756 (Cannot search on anything but strings or string lists) closed by gracinet
19:30 Ticket #1756 (Cannot search on anything but strings or string lists) created by gracinet
This is impacts ZODB directories (and Meta directories missing entries)
16:58 Ticket #1755 (CPSCompat/ExternalEditor and Zope 2.10: ZMI not working) created by ybastide
There's a bug in ExternalEditor?'s manage_main.dtml, mirrored in CPSCompat: …
13:04 Ticket #1754 (Inexisting attachments when editing a saved draft message) created by cvieru
When editing a saved draft message, that contains attachments, if you want …


09:46 Ticket #1364 (poor performance - 100% cpuload at 7 requests/second on p4 2.8ghz) closed by bdelbosc
09:42 Ticket #1463 (Report: Add percentiles stat like ab) closed by bdelbosc
fixed: Adding Mirko Friedenhagen --with-percentiles option to fl-build-report to …


14:33 Ticket #1753 (Mail message save problem) created by cvieru
It seems that whenever you save a message on the IMAP server side there's …


16:35 Ticket #1752 (Cc mail header does nothing) created by gracinet
This was observed while reusing send_mail() from …
16:27 Ticket #1751 (Specific search form and save as dashboard feature) created by gracinet
This should be done in CPSDashboards, customized in CPSCourrier's default …
11:09 Ticket #1750 (Wrong ordering in navigation portlets relying on treecaches) created by gracinet
This is supposed to bring up all sections up to depth n, in ZODB ordering: …


18:23 Ticket #1679 (Batch reply is much too slow) closed by ogrisel
18:08 Ticket #1749 (Create contact popup should update paper mail creation form) created by ogrisel
Paper mail creation form should update the list of contacts after closing …


16:51 Ticket #1665 (Upgrade steps for side components) closed by gracinet
fixed: Yet another ticket I forgot to close. This is included in 3.4.2. Check …
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