16:26 Ticket #2170 (Action for root portlets editor) closed by gracinet
fixed: Actually, this action was present in most pages of the portal root, but …
14:42 Ticket #2170 (Action for root portlets editor) created by gracinet
Knowledgeable ones know that it's enough to add porlet_manage_form
13:59 Ticket #2169 (Remove references to CPSSkins in UI) created by gracinet
Since 3.5.0, CPSDesignerThemes has been the main theme rendering system. …
12:42 Ticket #2168 (Adapt portlet editor) created by gracinet
The portlet management screens are still hooked to CPSSkins themes. As a …


17:10 Ticket #2167 (resync job failure) created by gracinet
The resync job has a failure in the progress logging system, that …


18:36 Ticket #2166 (Image widget with link) closed by gracinet
fixed: Done for the Qualified Link Widget. Nothing to do for the Image Widget, …
11:07 Ticket #2166 (Image widget with link) created by gracinet
It would be handy to have an option for Image Widgets to generate a link …
11:05 Ticket #2165 (Content portlets, item rendering and links) created by gracinet
Content portlets can render the items, and even use a layout cluster. This …


17:45 Ticket #2164 (Content portlet: make an option to control the length of RSS feed) created by gracinet
It'd be useful to have an option to decorrelate the length of RSS feed and …


15:36 Ticket #2163 (The DateTime Widget should have a user control to reset it) created by madarche
Once its date is set, it's not possible to easily set to None the value of …
15:28 Ticket #2162 (DateTimeRange Widget) created by gracinet
There is currently no builtin widget for a range of date/time fields and …


19:10 Ticket #2161 (Validation options relative to current time) created by gracinet
Amazingly, in DateTime Widget, there's no validation option yet to …


20:26 Ticket #2160 (Simplify sending form) closed by gracinet
fixed: Done and pushed.
20:24 Ticket #2160 (Simplify sending form) created by gracinet
This form has been built from the manual notification system of …


14:13 Ticket #2157 (Implement a role listing/synthesis audit page) closed by madarche
fixed: Pushed on  http://hg.cps-cms.org/


15:39 Ticket #2159 (Allow to insert flexible widgets everywhere) created by gracinet
Currently, the UI layout_lib_default_edit allows to *append* a new …


21:19 Ticket #2156 (Implement an information message web page notification) closed by madarche
fixed: Pushed on  http://hg.cps-cms.org/
15:55 Ticket #2158 (AssertionError: stylesheet and stylesheet_path are mutually exclusive) closed by madarche
fixed: This was due to an incompatibility of The Zope docutils wrapper and the …
15:34 Ticket #2158 (AssertionError: stylesheet and stylesheet_path are mutually exclusive) created by madarche
The problem is only found on system having docutils python software …


16:54 Ticket #2149 (Lift dependency on CPSSkins negotiation) closed by gracinet
fixed: Done in the gracinet-2149` branch, merged and pushed. The method …
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