10:51 Ticket #2276 (Wrong init of boolean properties in base profiles) created by gracinet
GenericSetup helpers for properties have the following behaviour: if the …


13:06 Ticket #2275 (Adapt to Zope 2.10) created by gracinet
Zope 2.10 swaps the whole Zope Page Templates engine in favor of the Zope …


23:17 Ticket #2274 (Date and time utilities) created by gracinet
We need some general stuff for date and time information. Notably …
19:56 Ticket #2273 (User name not logged in access log with CPSExtendedAuth) created by gracinet
In the Zope access log (usually in log/Z2.log), we have information …


19:10 Ticket #2272 (Walking utilities lose acquisition with BTree Folders) created by gracinet
Standard walking utility functions (walk_cps_folders, …


15:41 Ticket #2271 (Move file object factory) created by gracinet
A factory for Zope File-like objects has been introduced in CPSDocument in …


20:49 Ticket #2270 (Stop writing default field values) created by gracinet
From bloat to over-bloat… The basic contract of DataModel is to provide …


22:10 Ticket #2269 (Add indexing for .docx documents and other Microsoft Office 2007 documents) created by madarche
We don't need a .docx to html transform, just a .docx to text transform, …


17:33 Ticket #2268 (Profile import with purge loses existing relations) closed by gracinet
fixed: Done in 3.4 branch and forward-ported to default. Note that CPSRelation …


14:27 Ticket #2268 (Profile import with purge loses existing relations) created by gracinet
In many setups, CPSRelation related profiles are extension profiles, the …
10:21 Ticket #2267 (ZMI server crash on Debian Squeeze) created by gracinet
On Debian 6.0 Squeeze (current testing), opening the ZMI on the portal …


18:11 Ticket #2244 (Allow CSV export of booleans in directories) closed by gracinet
fixed: Done and pushed


12:08 Ticket #2266 (Error on ununderstood .doc file) created by gracinet
If one has a Word file such that the output of wv is empty, the following …


22:59 Ticket #2242 (Explicitensess in password reset timeouts) closed by madarche
fixed: Fixed in default branch.
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