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Hgbundler : managing bundles of mercurial repositories


Hgbundler has been developed for the needs of CPS on Zope 2.9 (at least). Its goal is to replace the tools that were used on Subversion, namely svn:externals properties, and the  bundleman managing tool.

Main features

  • clone a set of repositories and assemble them in the bundle directory (hgbundler make-clones)
  • perform a release of any clone, according to conventional CHANGES, VERSION and HISTORY files (hgbundler release-clone)
  • release a whole bundle in a consistent manner (hgbundler release-bundle)
  • make an archive out of a bundle release (hgbundler archive)
  • limited support for bundle inclusions (really useful for the typical custom project made of CPS-3-base plus one Product)

Download and install

The repository where hgbundler stands is there:

hg clone

These utilities are themselves been packaged by zc.buildout. Read the INSTALL.txt file to learn about the process and additional dependencies.


Everything should be explained in the README.txt file.