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Nuxeo Repository

Welcome to the Nuxeo Repository, providing access to the source code and the bug tracker. This repository hosts free / libre / open source projects under the GPL or GPL-compatible licenses, including:

  • The CPS project, a full-featured platform for Enterprise Content Management
  • ooo2dbk
  • the Z3lab source code
  • Several Zope products

Starting Points

Authentication and commits

Contributors who need to do commit should use an https url instead of an http url, and use the --username parameter for their first login.

Checkout Instructions

To access the repository using a svn client, use a command of the form:

svn co CPSCore

(Replace, of course, CPSCore by the name of the specific package you want to checkout.)

Specific instructions for CPS

You should probably directly checkout a bundle of the base products of CPS:

svn co Products

or the complete list of CPS products:

svn co Products

Please refer to the list of all available bundles to find out which bundle you can check out. You can get the list of products released in a bundle with the following command:

svn propget svn:externals<bundle_name>

Mailing Lists

  •  CPS-Devel -- Discussion list for developers of CPS and CPS-related software
  •  CPS-Users -- Discussion and community support list for CPS users
  •  CPS-Users-FR -- Discussion and community support list for CPS users (French)
  •  Nuxeo-Checkins -- All checkins made to this repository


  •  Z3lab -- Discussions about the Zope 3 ECM project (aka Z3ECM). See for more information

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