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Nuxeo Repository

Welcome to the Nuxeo Repository, providing access to the source code and the bug tracker. This repository hosts free / libre / open source projects under the GPL or GPL-compatible licenses, including:

  • CPS project - a full-featured platform for Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Apogee - a semantic rich client for ECM applications
  • ooo2dbk - OpenOffice to Dockbook conversion utility
  • Funkload - a functional and load testing of web applications
  • the Z3lab source code - next generation ECM components for Zope3
  • Several Zope products

Starting Points

Checkout Instructions

To access the repository using a svn client, use a command of the form:

svn co CPSCore

(Replace, of course, CPSCore by the name of the specific package you want to checkout.)

Authentication and commits

Contributors who need to do commit should use an https url instead of an http url, and use the --username parameter for their first login.

Specific instructions for CPS

You should probably directly checkout a bundle of the base products of CPS:

svn co Products

or the complete list of CPS products:

svn co Products

Please refer to the list of all available bundles to find out which bundle you can check out. You can get the list of products released in a bundle with the following command:

svn propget svn:externals<bundle_name>

Mailing Lists

  •  CPS-Devel -- Discussion list for developers of CPS and CPS-related software
  •  CPS-Users -- Discussion and community support list for CPS users
  •  CPS-Users-FR -- Discussion and community support list for CPS users (French)
  •  Nuxeo-Checkins -- All checkins made to this repository


  •  Z3lab -- Discussions about the Zope 3 ECM project (aka Z3ECM). See for more information

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