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CPS issue tracker

Welcome to the Collaborative Portal Server issue tracker. To create a ticket, you have to be logged in (anyone can register)

Starting Points

Instructions to prepare a development version of CPS

CPS is a set of Zope 2 products. each one being its own mercurial repository. To assemble these to form the Products directory expected by Zope, we use a dedicated tool, called hgbundler.

This tool can actually be used to manage simultaneously any "bundle" of mercurial repositories. It's designed to replace and extend the what can be done with the svn:externals Subversion property.

Here are the steps to get the CPS-3-full distribution with hgbundler on a Unix-like system.

$ hg clone
$ cd hgutils
$ less hgutils/INSTALL.txt # you should do it, though the steps are below
$ python
$ bin/buildout
$ bin/test # running the tests can help discovering mercurial version problems, etc.
$ cd ..
$ hg clone CPS-bundles
$ cd CPS-bundles/CPS-3-full
$ ../../hgutils/bin/hgbundler make-clones # of course it's better to put this on the path

Now all you have to do is to move CPS-3-full as the Products of a Zope instance, or better, to make a symbolic link. You'll notice also that there are currently three sets of bundles :

  • CPS-3-base - the common set of products that almost all real world applications extend. CPSDefault is on top of the dependence hierarchy.
  • CPS-3 - CPS-3-base, together with the most common products outside of CPS-3-base
  • CPS-3-full - the full set of officially maintained components

Mailing Lists

  •  CPS-Devel -- Discussion list for developers of CPS and CPS-related software
  •  CPS-Users -- Discussion and community support list for CPS users
  •  CPS-Users-FR -- Discussion and community support list for CPS users (French)

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